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Past Projects

Due to the resource limitations the projects that SWEN have accomplished as organization might not have reached it is  Target of address in different sectors of Environmental Conservation & Protection. The table given below gives a picture of the projects where SWEN initiated Projects.

S/N Project Name Location Implemented on Partners
1.   Collection of  Garbage     Baidoa   5th April 2017      NO-Parners
2.   Planting and Spraying of                  Farms    Baidoa    Augost 2017 South West Ministry

Of  Environment and Pasture

3.   Awareness workshop on Impact   of Deforestation   Baidoa    Oct-2017     No-Partners
4.   Awareness Workshop on                Causes of Climate Change   Baidoa    Nov-2017    South West State
5.   Seminar on Ways of Curbing                Air Pollution      Baidoa    Dec-2017    Funded By South     West State Presdent         (H.E Shariif Hassan        Sheik Adan )
6.    Seminar on Advantages of               Hygiene    Baidoa    January-2018 No-Partners