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About Us

After the collapse of Somali Central Government and during the time of civil war, Protected and Conserved Environment was never there especially the South Westerns regions of Somalia.

The biggest threat to Environment was Deforestation since the only affordable fuel after the collapse of the Somali Central Government has became wood. Trees were prime raw material of making Charcoal which was also exported to the middle  East.

The Impact of this was How ever Felt When the most Devastating Drought stroke at these regions in 2011 and in 2016 due to climate change and Deforestation.

Pollution of all kind has also become rampant; Vehicle fumes and Plastics waste have reached to the highest climax.

The South West Somalia Environmental Organization & Protection Was formed in 5th March 2017 in order to Curb Problems of Deforestation, Pollution and to promote awareness Campaign on Climate Change.

In Order to run the Organization effectively, management of Board of Directors of 6 in a Board of 9 was formed and the BOD Organizes Meeting twice a year. In this meeting, the board selects a chairperson and executive members within and in the forth coming year. The board also plans the next year’s activities and SWEN annual plan start the January every year.